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Exhaust Fume Extraction Filter Systems Paint Extraction
Exhaust Fume Extraction
Welding Filter System
Spot Repair & Painting Booth
Abgasabsaugung Filteranlagen Karosserieleichtbau
Fire Brigade - Travel Along
High Vacuum Filer System
Aluminum / CFK Bay

About us...

Our broad experience and know-how over the last years is the base of our innovation and new set standards on the market. In connection with our great commitment toward our end customers, we ensure top quality to affordable rates.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • a wide range of extraction systems for the removal of exhaust gas, welding fumes, grinding dust and paint overspray
  • Systems for air pollution control in laboratories and industrial halls
  • System workstations for SMART REPAIR and lightweight body
  • Body and paint shop equipment
  • Protection curtain systems and noise damping panels

Besides health and safety at the workplace, our products help you in meeting all national standards and legal requirements.

Whether you have a problem with exhaust gases, welding fumes, grinding dust, aggressive or even toxic fumes, we definitely present you the right solution


  • MPA Air Purifier

    Air Purifier MPA

    With HEPA 14 and performance level 400-3000 m│/h, DGUV certified!

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